Hypnobirthing antenatal classes in North London for positive and calm births

Un enfoque positivo hacia un parto tranquilo y confortable

Feel relaxed, informed and positive about childbirth


    January 14, 2017

    Antenatal and hypnobirthing Group course

     A full antenatal and hypnobirthing preparation, that's right, you don't need to take any other course aside. I'll get you all covered.

    Chris Fit

    January 14, 2017

    Express hypnobirthing group course

    Ideal for busy couples/women or the ones who are taking a different antenatal course and want to add on the benefits of hypnobirthing.

    Jasmine Aziz

    January 14, 2017

    Private courses

    Take my express hypnobirthing course or the full antenatal+hypnobirthing at the comfort of your home or mine on a date and time of your convenience.

    Iron Mike


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      KGHypnobirthing is a complete in-depth antenatal training programme designed to release fear and build confidence during birth.