Because giving birth is only the beginning of this wonderful journey...

The first few weeks with your new born are the hardest, from breastfeeding struggles, sleep deprivation

to shifting hormones, baby blues and more...

I'm not intending to scare you but to making you aware of things that I'd like to have known when I first had a my baby. 

I wish our health system would provide better post-natal support, unfortunately it's very poor and we find ourselves, as new mums, abruptly changing from a place of a lot of attention and support while pregnant to complete neglect and isolation after having our baby. 

10 things I wish I knew when I had my baby

1_Stick to the things that work for you.

You'll be offered a variety of contradictory advice from friends, family and health providers, but at the end of the day the decision is yours, follow your instinct and go for what works for your family.

2-Eat well

You won't have time to have a proper meal but having some good 

1-Don't leave the hospital before you got the hang of breastfeeding (if you're planing to do so)

After you are sent home you'll be on your own, at hospital you have all the specialists that can help you with breastfeeding, make the most of it and make sure you feel confident and your baby is latching well.

2-Breastfeeding can be very challenging.

If despite of all the efforts you're still struggling, you're not alone.

Cracked nipples, engorgement, toe wrinkling pain with every feed, plus the uterine contractions (afterpains) can make the breastfeeding experience quite unpleasant, it's normal and believe me it will get better but it can take 2/3 months, and suddenly overnight you and your baby will be breastfeeding champions, yo won't believe how easy and enjoyable it is after all the struggles.

Your nipples are not used to to be rubbed and sucked constantly and it's natural for them to get sore, cracked and even bloody.

Again, do whatever works for you, nipple creams, your own milk is very healing too! alternate feedings with silicone nipple shields, etc. 

Breastfeeding clinics at children centres can be life savers.

3-Save your energy.

If you're an hyperactive bunny like me you'll tend to carry on doing stuff at your usual pace right after giving birth, don't, STOP!!

You might think that you're a super women, well, you're, but don't be silly woman and let people helping you and taking care of the house's chores and yourself. 

The only thing you need to do is feed your baby and have as much rest as possible so you'll recover quicker

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