Positive affirmations for birth

Positive affirmations are one of the hypnobirthing tools

They are very important to reinforce your positivity and confidence in yourself.

You'll find some examples bellow, but positive affirmations are personal and I recommend that you create your own.

The only rule: They have to be present and positive,"my labour is not going to be long" is not a positive affirmation.

Instead we can say "My labour is unfolding smoothly and swiftly", it sounds better, right?

Follow this simple three steps to create your own effective positive affirmations for birth











  • Choose a negative thought: Something that is stopping you from achieving your goal, something that frightens you. (e.g.) I'm afraid about giving birth.

  • Reframe it positively: Now that you have acknowledge your fear reframe it. (e.g.) I'm confident about giving birth.


  • Repetition is the key: Repeat your positive affirmations out loud on daily basis until they become real thoughts and replace the old negative ones.

A good way of having your positive affirmations handy is writing them on post-its and stick them around the house, you can make a banner, send as reminders on your phone, on your desktop, etc.

Be creative, have fun, adapt them to your particular needs and the most important: believe in their power