10 facts about me

Updated: Apr 3

Hi, I'm Andrea.

I believe that it's very important when choosing your hypnobirthing teacher that you get along with her and vice-versa.

It's key to feel comfortable and safe, not only in labour and birth but all along the way in pregnancy, and your antenatal course is not an exception.

Here I am opening my heart to let you know more about me, you might feel related or not at all, but the important thing is the vibe, your instincts, what does your gut tell you?

-1 I became mother for first time at the age of 16, my eldest daughter, Antonella, is 25 years old, do the maths and you’ll know my age. Despite of being so young I believe that I did a very good job as a mother, with the unconditional help of my mum and dad of course.

-2 I’m paleo, two years ago I decided to change my life-style after years of dealing with an upset tummy, I tried different ways of eating until I found the Palaeolithic diet and I have to say: It has transformed my life! Along with the diet I started doing fitness, I used to hate exercising, so it took me a lot of effort and commitment to get into a routine. I can’t say that I love working out but it makes me feel good, so I'm embracing it and I try to fit a work out 4-5 times a week.

-3I’m from Argentina, I moved to the UK 10 years ago without speaking any English, following a love (Sam, my husband and father of my two little girls) What’s life without the challenges, right? I’m addicted to getting out from my comfort zone, I have always been. It’s challenging, hard and it can break you through, but, ‘you know what’? It makes you growing and knowing yourself in so many different ways that you come out at the other end as a stronger and more confident version of you. I recommend it, 100% worth it.

4-I'm mother to 3 bilingual girls, Antonella (25), Sofia (5) and Miranda (3), and I'm tired to hear the same question over and over: Will you try for a boy? Hmmmm, nop!

5-I used hypnobirthing for the birth of my third daughter and that changed the way I see childbirth and my life forever. The experience was so revealing that I decided to retrain, I became a hypnobirthing teacher and I created Positive Mama because I believe that every mother has the right to own her birth experience and come out empowered and proud of what she has achieved.

6-Friends are my anchor, they keep me in my centre.

7-I love traveling, I have traveled south america, Europe and India, my dream is to go backpacking the world with my family for one year. "Don't tell me how educated you are, tell me how much you have traveled" Prophet Muhammed.

8-Gardening is one of my passions (cooking is another one), it gets me in a sort of trance by loosing the sense of time and feeling deeply connected with the nature. Best gift: A plant.

9-My perfect place is a sunny beach with crystal clear water in the Caribbean.

10-I'm still amazed when I see the changes that hypnobirthing does to expectant parents, after only few ours course their way of thinking about childbirth switches abruptly from fear and anxiety to look forward to the birth, and I love being the medium to produce this changes.

Am I the right instructor for you?