Midwifes and doctors can't read you mind

You arrive at hospital in labour, get into your room at the birth centre or labour ward, make the courtesy introductions with your midwife/doctor and they walk away, specifying nothing in your notes. This is what happens to most women when they birth their babies in hospital.

You need talk about your birth preferences to avoid falling in the conveyor belt of care, remember they can't read your mind, you have to be clear about what you're expecting from them and your birth experience., remember they are there to assist you not to tell you what to do (unless you prefer so)

Most likely they are seeing another dozen birthing women on that shift, the one in room 23 wants a water birth, the one in room 4 is going for an epidural and YOU (ideally your birth partner) have to express your desires too.

It's like going to a restaurant, if you don't make any special requests you'll get the standard menu but if you say that you have a dietary requirement you'll be offered a different menu, a menu that suits your particular needs.

Make sure that your birth partner knows everything you want and don't want for your birth, discuss and write your birth preferences before hand, and on the day of the birth communicate them of any changes during the birth journey so they can update the hospital staff on the go.

Your body, your birth, your choice

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